Our 2017 Poppy Campaign

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Branch 594’s 2017 Campaign

In Windsor the 2017 Poppy Campaign occurred from Friday October 27 through to Friday November 10; a total of 14 days.

Each Legion Branch within a Zone has its’ designated areas they are responsible for in terms of education, outreach and that means the annual poppy campaign.

The annual Poppy Campaign is the one and only fund-raising campaign that helps keep our Veterans in the minds of the communities.  By wearing a poppy one shows support and reverence for the sacrifices made by all of our Veterans, past and present.

Our Branch boundary is the area South of the EC Row Expressway, West of Jefferson, East of the boundary line of the Town of the LaSalle and North of Laurier Parkway.

Within our designated area we have permission from various retailers to place poppy boxes (195 boxes were distributed throughout our designated area) and to physically position volunteers at 7 different sites to pin poppies for donations.

Without these retailers, we would not have the opportunities to raise funds to support our Veterans and their families as needs arise.

The following is a list of the retailers along with the numbers of 2 hours pinning sessions where our volunteers are welcome to pin poppies year after year.

  • The Beer Store – Dougall Avenue…………..12 – 2 hour sessions
  • LCBO – Howard Avenue…………………………..12 – 2 hour sessions
  • Costco………………………………………………………….20 – 2 hour sessions
  • Super Store – Walker Road……………………..90 – 2 hour sessions
  • Canadian Tire – Walker Road………………….90 – 2 hour sessions
  • The New Metro Store –Devonshire……….90 – 2 hour sessions
  • Walmart – Dougall Avenue……………………..90 – 2 hour sessions

We had the opportunity to pin poppies 404 – 2 hour sessions or 808 hours during this years’ Campaign.

In addition, Devonshire Mall provides premier space, inside the Mall near the food court, every year, for a full 2-day campaign which is very well received.  This 2-day campaign is supported by the entire 2715 Cadet Corps, including the pipes and drum band, our Branch President, Lt. Col. (retired) Morris Brause, the Cadet leaders and supporters, where information and education is provided to the public regarding Remembrance Day, the Legion, the Cadet Corps along with poppy pinning.

To run a successful Poppy Campaign a lot of volunteers are needed to support each of the functions involved:

  1. Secure sites to pin poppies and place boxes
  2. Committee to organize the distribution of Legion Poppy Letters
  3. Schedule set up for pinning
  4. Committee to set up the poppy boxes
  5. Deliver boxes, monitor the boxes and retrieve once Campaign is completed
  6. Count and roll the donations
  7. Record keeping and banking activities
  8. Enough people to pin poppies for 404 – 2 hour sessions

This year’s campaign saw a total 57 volunteers to help with all of the above noted necessary functions, to whom the Branch is very grateful.

Despite the opportunity of pinning for 404  – 2 hour sessions, we were only able to pin for 105 – 2 hour sessions.  We had a total number of 47 volunteers (out to pin poppies and at least 6 of those folks were not even members of our Branch).  The face-to-face poppy pinning is so very important to the entire campaign by showing the community that there are real folks behind the boxes and the poppies, who care about our Veterans and the sacrifices they made, and continue to make, to improve our lives.

I would like to personally thank all those folks who volunteered especially the face-to-face campaigners and especially Mrs. Evelyn Bernyk, who in her 90’s, pinned poppies well over 20 – 2 hour sessions.  Evelyn, you are an inspiration to all of us and we couldn’t have done it without your help, thank you.

Even though the membership participation for pinning was a mere 20%, it was a successful campaign with donations tallying $36,890.00 to date, and donations are still coming in.

Again, thanks so much to all those folks, members and non-members, who helped out during this years’ campaign.  It would be nice to improve on these numbers during the next campaign, so we can continue to support our Veterans and their families.

Kindest Regards
Archie Neilson
Branch President

VOLUNTEERS (not including Cadets, Leaders/Supporters from Devonshire Campaign)

Gary Brooks, Garry Hawco, John Antaya, Brian Robinson, and Ken Stroud, who delivered and picked up the store countertop boxes. Marlene Brooks and Gail Hutter who counted and banked the money and Dorothy Gamble and her son Jeff Gamble who delivered the poppy boxes to the schools.

Pinners: Archie Neilson, Arvin White, Beth Blunt, Bill Kielly, Brian Robinson, Bryan Carter, Butch Ryan, Candice Fader, Carol Boroski, Cathy Moncur, Chuck Church, Clarice Friesen, Claude Almon, D Lemmon, Darryl Vickers, Dave Pickford, Debbie Boehler, Diane Peters, Evelyn Bernyk, Gerry Ciurysek, Gerry Greggs, Harry Bissonnette, Hunter Blunt, Janet Ciurysek, John Gray, John Antaya,  Kaitlyn Nichol, Karen Duck, Kathy Soulliere, Ken Taylor, Ken Fader, Konrad Boehler, Linda Ross, Matt Nichol, Mike Gallant, Morris Brause, Pat Anderson, Randy Soulliere, Russ Hazael, Sharon Vickers, Sue Robinson, Tammy Dufour, Terry Boutet, Tim Murphy, Tom Friesen, Tom Boroski & Veronica Friesen.

If we missed you we apologize but THANK YOU to ALL!

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