2019 VE Ceremony

A number of months ago, Dr. Roman Maev, a distinquished professor at the University of Windsor, and our Vice President RCL Branch 594, met and decided to plan a unique celebration of the end of World War II, well known as VE Day.  Numerous celebrations have covered many angles of this important event, but it was decided to have a presentation on the Canadian contribution to ultimate victory, tied in with an excellent review of the Russian Front.
We were pleased to have a few Canadian World War II Vets from Canada, and also a few from the previous Soviet Union, who attended.  A great crowd of approximately 80 people attended this event on 4 May 2019, commencing at 1:00 pm.  The ceremony commenced with the Sun Parlour Pipes and Drums playing an entertaining set of music.  LCol (Retired) Morris Brause provide a presentation on the Canadian contribution throughout WW II that included the Navy, Airforce and Army contributions; the different theatres of operations; and finally covering the important role that Canada played in the Battle of the Atlantic and the Murmansk Runs to supply Britain and the Soviet Union.
A representative from the Russian Embassy came and spoke about the mammoth efforts that the Russians went through during WW II.  In fact, most people do not know that nearly 27 million civilian and Russian military died during this conflict to help defeat fascism.  
Dr. Roman Maev and his delegation arranged for some very nice gifts and certificates to recognize the sacrifice of so many brave men and women during WW II.  RCL Branch kindly provided a few free drinks for our WW II Vets and some of our distinguished guests. This was indeed a wonderful event.
Lest We Forget; Lest We Forget!
Submitted by:  First Vice President (Retired LCol) Morris Brause, RCL Branch 594

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pictures courtesy of Spike Bell