Honours and Awards Chaison

September 23, 2019

On Behalf of the Honours & Awards Committee Konrad Boehler, Morris Brause and Gerry Ciurysek

We would like to make the following presentations:


Executive Members to receive Medals and Bars for 2018/2019 for presentation September 24, 2019


Tom Friesen                    Past President Medal

                                           Past President’s Lapel Pin


Morris Brause                 1st Vice President’s Bar

                                           Seniors Bar


Konrad Boehler               2nd Vice President’s Bar


Larry Williams                  3rd Vice President’ Bar


Tim Murphy                    Branch Past Officers Medal

                                           Executive Committee Bar

                                           Youth Education Bar


Rev. Dr. Catherine Collins-Barker             Branch Past Officers Medal

                                                                           Chaplain’s Bar

Certificates of Appreciation For Poppy Campaigns Presented September 24, 2019


Fran Friesen                                    Russ Hazael

Clarice Friesen                                Charles Church

Linda Ross                                       Daryl Vickers

Debbie Boehler                              Sharon Vickers

Konrad Boehler                              Karen Duck


Certificates of Merit For Countless Hours in Support of the Poppy Campaign Presented Sept. 24, 2019


John Anaya

Evelyn Bernyk


Certificate of Merit For Countless Volunteer Hours Presented September 24, 2019


Janet Ciurysek


Certificate of Merit For His Excellent Work in Setup and Maintenance of the Branch Web Site

Presented September 24, 2019


Dave Pickford