Tom Friesen is sworn in as President of RCL 594.

At the General Membership meeting on May 28th, the new Legion Executive for 2019 was sworn in and will take office on June 1st.  Congratulations to all! 

     Tom Friesen

First Vice President
     Morris Brause

Second Vice President
     Konrad Boehler

Third Vice President
     Larry Williams

     Bob Hart
     Barb Hooper
     Jim McGhie
     Chris Ricard
     Brian Robinson

     Janet Ciurysek

Also on this day 3 members of the Executive received their Continuous Service Pins.

(l to r) Konrad Boehler, Awards Chairperson; Morris Brause, 15 years; Archie Neilson, 30 years;
and Larry Williams, 5 years.