Past President Capt (Ret’d) Archie Neilsen presents the Legion President’s Trophy for Best Second Year Cadet to LCpl S. Shabaan

The 2715 Metropolitan RCACC 56th Annual Inspection

After another successful year of training, the RCL Branch Sponsored Army Cadet Corps, 2715 Metropolitan RCACC held their 56th Annual Review on Sunday, 10 June 2018. Despite the Scottish Damp Weather, it could not keep over 65 cadets from being on parade. What was also impressive was the close to 300 people that came to watch these extraordinary youth put on a fantastic parade.

The new Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel for The Essex and Scottish, Hon Col Joe Ouellette, was the reviewing officer. The 2918 RCACC (Essex and Kent Scottish) from Kingsville also joined our Cadet Corps on this inspection. In fact, throughout the training year, and during three weekend exercises, these two cadet corps have enjoyed working and training together.

The Flag Party is marched on.

The parade was under the command of Cadet RSM, CWO Jacob Fader. The Corps marched on parade to the glorious tunes from their Cadet Pipes and Drums. They were accompanied by an outstanding piper from the Sun Parlour Pipes and Drums, Piper John Woodbridge. The Flag Party was then marched on parade followed by the Reviewing Officer arriving with the following key members of the inspecting party: CO 2715 RCACC, Lt Lisa Hilt; CO 2918 RCACC, Capt Tracy Mullin; Past President of Branch 594, Capt (Retired) Archie Neilson; Zone Senior Army Cadet League Liaison Officer, LCol (Retired) Jim McGhie; and the Acting Cadet Detachment Commander from London, Lt (N) Lisa Desnoyers.

Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Ouellette inspects the troops.

Hon LCol Joe Ouellette inspected the troops and then they marched off and prepared for their demonstrations. The 2715 RCACC Drill without Arms Team were the first on deck. They provided an outstanding demonstration of their drill with commands and a silent drill performance. This performance won them the top Army Cadet Corps recognition in this year’s zone drill competition. The Drill Team commander was Cadet Sgt Maddy MacLachlan. Then three different demonstration occurred at the same time: a fieldcraft and field cooking demonstration under the command of Cadet Sgt Hannah Winger; an A-Frame demonstration under the command of Cadet Sgt Theodore Grant; and a fitness demonstration under the joint direction of Cadet MCpl Jacob Kochanowski and Cadet MWO Austin Hawthorne.

A-Frame demonstration

The Cadets proudly marched back on and the annual awards were presented, see below.

To finish off the parade, the Corps conducted the official change of command parade where Lt Lisa Hilt turned over command of 2715 Metropolitan RCACC to Lt John Demitroff. Lt Hilt conducted her last march past in command of the Cadet Corps. Then the official signing over command occurred, followed by the Flag Party taking post and the outgoing CO, Lt Hilt, handing over the Corps flag to the incoming CO, Lt Demitroff. As his first duty as CO, Lt Demitroff commanded his Corps and did a march past in honour of the outgoing CO, Lt Lisa Hilt. After the Advance and Review Order and General Salute, the outgoing CO and party escorted off the Hon LCol Joe Ouellette to a resounding Three Cheers for Lt Lisa Hilt.

Signing Ceremony for Change of Command ~ l-r incoming CO Lt John Demitroff, Reviewing Officer Hon LCol Joseph Ouellette,
Lt (N) Lisa Deynois and outgoing CO Lt Lisa Hilt

A wonderful reception occurred in Hall A and B right after the parade. The Support Committee along with many parents prepared food and drink for the reception. It was indeed one of the most memorable Annual Inspections and the Cadets and Staff can indeed be proud of their performance.

Next year, plan to attend. It is a wonderful experience to see our youth perform so well.

Submitted by:  LCol (Retired) Morris Brause
Pictures:  Dave Pickford – scroll down

RCACC 2715

Trophy Presenter Awarded To
Commanding Officer’s Trophy for the Most Promising First Year Cadet Our CO, Lt Lisa Hilt LCpl B. McLean
Legion President’s Trophy for best second year cadet Past President Capt (Ret’d) Archie Neilson LCpl S. Shabaan
Top Silver Star Medallion awarded to the Top Silver Star Cadet LCol (Ret’d) Jim McGhie, a former CO of an Army Cadet Corps, and our Army Cadet League Rep MCpl J. Kochanowski
Top Gold Star Medallion awarded to the Top Gold Star Cadet Lt John Demitroff Sgt Mitch Momney
Legion Colour Guard Trophy for Citizenship First Vice President of Legion Branch 594, LCol (Ret) Morris Brause Sgt H. Winger
Legion Award for the Best Rifle Shot in the Corps The Training Officer,2 Lt Stefan Miller CWO J. Fader
LCol Morris Brause Band Trophy given to the Best Bandsmen of the Year LCol (Ret’d) Morris Brause Sgt Sabrina Neron
Training Officer’s Trophy for Most Improved Cadet OCdt Kevan Manetta Sgt C. Wills
Support Committee Trophy Most Physically Fit Cadet Chair Ken Fader MWO A. Hawthorne
Corps Sergeant Major Award for the Best Developing NCO Lt Stefan Miller Sgt. T. Grant
Legion Medal of Excellence awarded to the Cadet that displays leadership, commitment and citizenship LCol Jim McGhie with Past President Archie Neilson MWO MWO O. Rafik
Clipp Capernhurst Award for Best Cadet Instructor Capernhurst family member; or 2Lt Stefan Miller, the Training Officer MWO D. Kelly
Capt J.C. McGhie Award for Leadership LCol (Ret’d) Jim McGhie, MWO O. Rafik
Metropolitan Branch 594 Trophy for the Most Outstanding Cadet Hon LCol Joe Ouellette CWO Jacob Fader
Lord Strathcona Medal for the Cadet who best displays leadership, military and fitness standards in the cadets and is the highest award that can occasionally be given out, once approved by an independent board Lt (N) Lisa Deynois and our CO, Lt Lisa Hilt CWO Jacob Fader

RCACC 2918

Top New Recruit for 2918 RCACC CI Gary Lucier Cdt Vellegas
Most Dedicated Cadet Capt Brad Krewench WO MacDonald
Kyles Peters Leadership Award CV Sabrina Peters WO Diotte
Legion Medal of Excellence Award Their Army Cadet League LO, LCol Morris Brause, assisted by Capt Tracy Mullin MWO Kelly

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