Fostering Remembrance is a part of everything we do. Through the Royal Canadian Legion’s longstanding , Canadian school children honour Canada’s Veterans through creative art and writing to help perpetuate Remembrance.
Branch Competition results are as follows:
Poetry winners
4-6: 1st Aya Tarhuni, 2nd Gabriel Moamer-Bashi, 3rd Victor Adekoya
7-9: 1st Katelyn Lovell, 2nd Sophia Wang, 3rd Alicia Wu
10-12: 1st Connie Zeng, 2nd Dana Sleiman, 3rd Sarah Asfour
Poster winners
1-3: Color 1st Celeb Skinner, 2nd Tristan Morin, 3rd Rayan Farooqui
B&W 1st Ahmad Moosavi,
4-6: Color 1st Youran Pan, 2nd Kyle Baker, 3rd Kiera Green
B&W 1st Faiza El-Hage, 2nd Liam Robertson, 3rd Mohammad Hashash
7-9 Color 1st Renal In, 2nd Dema Al Wahami, 3rd Medelana Ferrante
B&W 1st Madelyn Rousseau, 2nd Fatia Saleh, 3rd Ruda Naushad