Bar Chairperson

  • ensure that all bartenders have taken the Smart Serve Program before being employed;
  • ensure that the Liquor Sales Licence has been applied for in advance of the expiration date and that the licence is posted as per regulations given by the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario;
  • ensure that all bartenders have the current bar steward duties and have been trained on those duties;
  • review the bar steward duties a minimum of once per year and update them as required;
  • ensure that the price list is posted at all bars for patrons to review;
  • ensure that hours of operation are clearly displayed at the bars;
  • ensure that a proper sign about consuming alcohol during Pregnancy is properly displayed IAW the Mandatory Signage Requirement known as Sandy’s Law;
  • monitor monthly the bar stewards schedule with the Senior Bar Steward and ensure that equity and fairness of scheduling bar stewards had been adhered to;
  • review any complaints about bar steward service and conduct any necessary investigation and administrative or disciplinary procedures;
  • be part of the team when hiring new bar stewards;
  • monitor bar procedures for cashing in/ out with the bookkeeper and handle any concerns;
  • conduct a minimum of semi-annual meetings with the bar stewards that will include producing an agenda and a set of Minutes reflecting the discussions at the meeting;
  • ensure that bar stewards follow proper dress regulations based on their normal duties or during special events;
  • arrange and when possible, be part of the monthly stocktaking of the bar and provide that report to the President, bookkeeper and Treasurer;
  • review what stock is held in the bar and recommend to the President/ Executive Committee any changes required to ensure that an efficient amount of stock is available to support the membership and special functions;
  • ensure that the process and policy is established and followed with respect to not serving under-aged clients from the Legion bar operations and that the policy for conducting ID checks has been properly briefed to all bar stewards;
  • ensure that a policy for promoting responsible serving and moderate drinking practices has been prepared and that the bar stewards are briefed on those procedures;
  • ensure that anyone serving alcohol or bussing tables that are handling alcohol are at least 18 years of age;
  • ensure that the Legion only sells liquor that was brought on the licence or permit through the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), Brewers Retail, or Ontario Wine Stores;
  • provide a monthly report to the Legion Executive and Membership meetings;
  • review bar prices at least once per year and provide recommendations to the Executive Committee on the need to change bar prices; and
  • be prepared to take on any other duties with respect to the bar operations as directed by the President or Executive Committee.

The Bar Officer will:

  • be certified in the Smart Serve Program;
  • may be a member of the Executive Committee; and
  • must be a member of the Branch.

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