Executive (5 Positions)


On being elected to the Executive Committee of your Branch you have accepted a most important position in your Branch. You will no doubt be asked by your Branch President to assume the chairmanship of a specific committee at Branch level.


The duties you have undertaken as an Executive Committee are critical to the successful operation of your Branch. You must remember at all times that the information that will come through your Executive chair will affect the well-being of your specific committee as well as the wellbeing of your Branch. You must remember that you are not alone; you can and should take advantage of your fellow officers. Work with your fellow Executive Committee members to better develop an effective and cohesive Executive Committee.

In assuming a standing chair at your Branch you will also assume responsibility for ensuring that the chair you hold is successful. Remember for many, particularly new members, the fact that you are a Branch Executive member will mean that you are a senior member of your Branch as well as having knowledge of the workings of the chair you have assumed.

You have a unique opportunity and a real responsibility to teach future leaders who will be able to assume Executive Committee positions thereby ensuring the future of your Branch. Attendance at Zone and /or District Rallies will help you to gain an understanding of another level of the Legion. Further, you will be able to compare your chairs success or failure with other Branches on a larger scale and perhaps gain some valuable knowledge to bring back to your committee.

Your primary responsibility will be to take part in the governance of your branch. As a member of Branch Executive you will have a unique opportunity to influence the direction and success of your Branch.

As an Executive member you will be part of a team. The general body has placed their faith in you and the other members of the Executive to ensure that your Branch is vibrant and successful.

There may be times when you will be called upon to bring new and innovative ideas to the Executive Committee. Be careful not to set goals that are out of reach. Discuss these goals or ideas with the Branch President and other members of the Executive.

Personal goals must be set aside when and if they are not in the best interests of your Executive Committee responsibilities. Use every tool at your disposal and glean knowledge from past committee members. Develop a successful standing committee and you will succeed.

Executive Members – Edited

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