Honour and Awards

  • Work with the Membership Chair to determine eligibility for continuous service years for the purposes of presenting appropriate lapel pins and/or long term service medal.
  • Organize the annual Honours and Awards Day for the presentation of the above.
  • For the Honours and Awards Day send out the invitation letters, book the room, make arrangements for a light lunch etc.
  • Review all current Executive positions held and determine if they are eligible for the appropriate medal and bars along with presenting them at the General Membership meeting in September of the new fiscal year or as otherwise determined.
  • Obtain input from other Members and/or the Membership Chair to see if Members are eligible to receive such awards/medals as follows:  Branch Service Medal, Certificate of Merit, Certificate of Appreciation, Legionnaire of the Year, Cadet Medal of Excellence (as determined by the Cadet Corp) and any other award/medal.
  • Obtain input for possible awards to outside organizations and individuals such as:  Friendship award, Media Award, Certificate of Merit, Certificate of Appreciation or any other award or medal.
  • Obtain input and/or determine if members eligible for possible Life Membership, Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Award and complete all of the applicable documentation for approval at the Branch level and submit to Zone, District, Provincial and Dominion Command for approval.
  • Note the Honours and Awards Chair if no committee can make these determinations for presentation.

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