Kitchen Convenor

  • Liaison between Legion Executive and the Kitchen Operator
    • Convene and chair monthly meetings with Kitchen Committee and Kitchen Operator
    • Complete monthly financial reconciliation of kitchen activities and report to President
    • Ensure complaints of Kitchen Operator, Legion staff and of patrons are addressed and resolved
  • Ensure Kitchen Lease Agreement is kept current and up to date
    • Ensure all parties are compliant with respective obligations under the Lease Agreement
  • Ensure equipment is maintained
  • Collaborate with Bar Chair & Ways & Means Chair relating to functions involving the kitchen
  • Conduct an equipment inventory with Kitchen Operator and 1 member of the Executive annually
  • Ensure inspections are up to date
  • Ensure licensing is up to date
  • Review the Health Unit Report
  • Review all reports on equipment maintenance
  • Ensure spare equipment (appliance bulbs, etc.) are in stock
  • If equipment needs repair, make the arrangements to have it repaired and report back to the Executive in the event of an emergency (President can approve emergency repair up to $500.00 without Membership approval)
  • Report to Executive and Membership to keep everyone up to date on Kitchen Operation including a report to the Newsletter Editor for inclusion in the Newsletter
  • Work with Troy Fire Alarm System as the subcontractor approved by Tecumseh Fire Department to clean the range exhaust hoods

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