• Use iSalute Membership Software installed on Membership Computer to maintain Membership records for Life, Ordinary, Affiliate Voting and Non-Voting Members.
  • Process changes of information of members such as change of addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Process renewals, new members and transfers of members (in and out of branch).
  • Notify Dominion Command of deceased members. If member was a veteran, also notify Legion Magazine as LAST POST notice.


  • Prepare monthly reports for Executive and General Membership Meetings and Newsletter.
  • Give list of deceased members to President for mention at ‘Moment of Silence’ at Executive and General Meetings.
  • Submit Member Birthdays for Newsletter


  • Organize Early Bird Campaign for September, October and November of each year.
  • Update the Deceased List in Display Case including those members who are deceased in previous year.
  • Prepare information for Annual Inspection.
  • Change membership status (active or inactive) as of January 31 of each year.

As Required

  • Post membership list in Membership Display Case using software.
  • Prepare Transmittal Report for submission of dues to Dominion Command.
  • Prepare packages for New Members initiation at General Meetings.
  • Provide Applications and Procedure brochures for new members available at Bar.
  • Provide Form for Changes to Member information available at Bar.
  • Provide Form for Transfer to Branch 594 available at Bar.
  • Encourage members to renew their membership by December 31 of each year.
  • Implement changes required by Dominion Command.
  • Provide information to Executive such as Poppy Campaign mailing labels
  • Provide information to Honours and Awards Committee

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