To identify and recognize Branch 594’s Veterans both past and present.  Moreover, to record in book form our past Veterans and modern day Veterans who have served or who are still serving today.

Definition of a Veteran:

a)  A person who is serving or has honourably served in the Canadian Armed Forces, the Commonwealth of Nations or it’s wartime allies.

b) A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or as a Peace Officer assigned to a Special Duty Operation overseas.

c) A person who has served in the Merchant Navy or in Ferry Command during wartime.


Any person can make a submission with the permission of the Veteran or a family member of a Veteran who has passed.

Branch Contact:

Ron D. Bisnaire
Branch Co-Ordinator
Branch Membership Office
(519) 969-0551

“Remembering those we cared for and loved, they will be remembered NOW and FOREVER.”