Vets Flags

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To honour our deceased vets for Remembrance Day , a group of volunteers placed Canadian Flags at Victoria and Greenlawn cemeteries. Thanks to Konrad Boehler (organizer), Morris Brause, Tom Friesen, Fran Friesen and Matthew, Tom Boroski, Mike Stroud and Beth, Brian and Sue Robinson, Gerry and Jane Ciurysek. Flags to be removed November 12, 2020.

75th Anniversary VE Day

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Having served for over 40 years in the military, I am always impressed to see how fellow Canadians gather to remember those who have fought in many conflicts or been involved in many peacekeeping and peacemaking missions. There were a significant number of celebrations this year where large numbers of people would have congregated and

Run to the North Wall

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NWRA is a group of motorcycle riders dedicated to supporting all Veterans Functions and raise awareness of our Veterans though-out our community. Every year the NWRA attends Legion 594 before riding to the North Wall at the Windsor waterfront Click Here to view all the pictures

Highway of Heroes

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The Korean War Veterans Association Windsor (Unit 29) sponsored the planting of seven trees along the Highway of Heroes in honour of our seven military service Veterans from Windsor-Essex County who fell during the Korean War.  Two next-of-kin families have been located and thank you cards and certificates have been sent to them. Click Here

A Military Service Recognition Book Project for Branch 594 Veterans

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Purpose:  To identify and recognize Branch 594's Veterans both past and present.  Moreover, to record in book form our past Veterans and modern day Veterans who have served or who are still serving today. Definition of a Veteran: a)  A person who is serving or has honourably served in the Canadian Armed Forces, the Commonwealth

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