Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter is an important part of Public Relations, working with the Public Relations Officer (if there is one) is important.
In the past the Newsletter was the only way to get information out to most of our membership and the general public.
With our website (, Facebook and Twitter, the Newsletter is now only one of the mediums used to promote the Legion.


  • Be present at Executive & Membership meetings to take notes regarding events that can be used to describe Legion activities.
  • Request, edit and include reports from President, Vice President, Treasurer, Membership and all other Chairpersons. Some chairs may not have anything significant to offer every month but ask them anyway.
  • LAST POST, this section is to formally recognize our Veterans who have passed on. Include as much information as possible if in the public domain. A year end summary has been provided in the November issue for the last few years. I believe this is a good reminder. Other Legion members who die can be shown under Memorium
  • Include calendar of upcoming months events.
  • Promote Legion functions and functions of related associations, Military Institute of Windsor, Essex Kent Regiment, 31st Service Battalion, HMCS Hunter, Wounded Warriors, Windsor Veterans Memorial Services Committee, etc.
  • Prepare and submit draft for review 1 -2 days prior to end of the month.
  • Email newsletter as widely as possible.
  • Work jointly with the Branch webmaster to maximize communication with Membership and the public.
  • Encourage advertising to cover cost of publication.

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