A Legion Branch President’s Duties are many and varied;

  • He is the Chief Executive of the Branch and as such he must exemplify to the Membership the fundamental qualities of leadership. As its leader he has the ultimate responsibility, for whatever happens, and his function is and will remain that of directing the members.
  • As the Chief Administrator of the Branch, he is its representative in the community and his basic or essential character must show a combination of discretion, enterprise, integrity, responsibility, decisiveness, judgment, etc. While exercising leadership he will accept direction from the branch.
  • The General By-Laws limit the authority of a Branch President to carrying out directives of the Executive Committee and, further he should exercise a democratic approach to conducting the affairs of the branch by recognition of the authority of the Executive Committee.
  • The By-Laws are specific, in that, he is a member of the Zone Executive Council and obligated to attend Zone Council and Zone conventions, If he is unable to attend, Vice President should represent him on these occasions.
  • It is his responsibility to ensure that the branch is represented at Zone and District conventions with its full complement of delegates.
  • If the branch does not have an elected chairman, the President, by virtue of office, is the presiding officer at all of its meetings.
  • The President shall preside at all meetings and enforce order and strict observance of the By-Laws, except that the Executive Committee may name some other member to act as chairman for the conduct of elections at the annual meeting. The President shall exercise a general supervision and control over the officers and business of the branch and shall call meetings of the Executive Committee of the Branch, in accordance with the By-Laws. He shall transact such other business as may by custom pertain to his office, and he shall have the casting vote when there shall be an equal division on any question, provided that he has not already voted on that question.
  • When appointing members to committees, careful thought and consideration should be given to same. The President must be able to recognize ability, delegate effectively and be positive with plans and decisions.

    Duties of the President – Edited

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