General meetings

  • Attend all monthly meetings;
  • Review all membership cards of each person entering the meeting thus ensuring they are an active member;
  • Attendance for the executive (sign in sheets);
  • Ensure each member prints and signs their name in the registry;
  • Ensure enough active members have arrived so we have a quorum and able to conduct the meeting;
  • Play National Anthem and God Save the Queen when applicable;
  • Escort in the new members that are being sworn in;
  • Motion for adjournment; and
  • Return CDs, registry to storage area.

Executive meetings

  • Attend all Executive Meetings;
  • Attendance for the executive (sign in sheets);
  • Actively participate in discussions and ensure meetings proceed in a productive and positive fashion;
  • Motion for adjournment when applicable.

    Sgt-At-Arms – Edited

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