LCol Jim McGhie, MIW President; William Hand, Senior Case Manager, Windsor Veterans Affairs; Dr. Paul Bradford, Senior Area Medical Officer, SW Ontario Area Field Operations, Veteran Affairs Canada;
Corey Woodford, Veterans Service Team Manager, Windsor Veteran Affairs;
Captain Archie Neilson, Branch 594 President.

On February 21st, 2018, Branch 594 hosted the Military Institute of Windsor’s February Speakers’ Luncheon featuring Dr. Paul Bradford.  The topic of discussion was ‘Support to Veterans from Veteran Affairs’ 

(standing) F/Lt Bill Hutchinson, Lt Col Andy Stewart, Spike Bell
(seated) Mayor (Ret’d) Bill Varga, Col Rae Martin

Legions, serving members of the Regular and Primary Reserve units, and retired Veterans and their families have been assisted by Veterans Affairs for numerous years.  There have been many changes and improvements over the last number of years in how extensive that support is for serving and retired veterans, along with their families.  The Executive of the MIW combined with the leadership and support of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 594 Executive decided to organize a luncheon and invite people to come and hear the latest news on what is offered from the VAC and from the newly opened VAC office here in Windsor, Ontario.

LCol (Ret) Joe Langlois, Lt. Col Andy Stewart, Cdr Ron Matthewman, Captain John Vanthournout

Dr. (LCol retired) Paul Bradford, a member of the MIW and former Commanding Officer of 21 Field Ambulance, helped arrange this excellent presentation.  Dr. Bradford was a medical doctor in the military and has extensive experience as a doctor and surgeon in the Windsor Regional area.  He has been hired by the VAC Office in Windsor to review VAC claims, provide assistance to veterans, and provide valuable medical assessments for veterans.  He also provides valuable insight and advice to the VAC staff in Windsor.  He arranged to have the Team Manager for the VAC Windsor Office, Mr. Cory Woodford, along with one of the senior and experienced case workers, Mr. William Hand, attend and provide a very good briefing on services.  Numerous questions were expertly handled by these gentlemen.  The audience was very impressed with the excellent briefing.

Maj Roy Embury (Vice President), LCol Jim McGhie (President), LCol Morris Brause (Director)

On behalf of the MIW, we want to thank the President and executive of RCL Branch 594 for approving the use of their fine facility for this event.  Another great example of how we can provide great information in support of our serving and retired veterans, and their families.


Article by:  LCol (Ret’d) Morris Brause and Capt (Ret’d) Alison Amos
(members of the MIW Executive and RCL Branch 594 members)
(photo submissions by Dave Pickford)