Third Vice President

  1. The position of a Vice President is not to be taken lightly.
  2. Vice Presidents are usually appointed to chair one or more important committees.
  3. A Vice President should endeavor to learn as much as possible about the various branch committees.
  4. A Vice President should know the ritual, assist with initiations and endeavor to become familiar with bylaws, and the different manuals that are available for reference.
  5. Vice Presidents should assist whenever possible on committees, and show leadership to committees that they chair.
  6. Vice Presidents should nurture committee members, and the membership to become more actively involved with the running of the branch.

Third Vice President

At your installation, you gave a pledge to … “assist your President and to well and truly carry out the duties of your office.”

Remember, you are not alone: you can and should seek support and guidance from your fellow officers. Listen and learn, open your mind to their thoughts and ideas.


Your primary goal at this time should be to learn as much as possible as you prepare to one day serve as Branch President. You may be called upon to chair a meeting of the Branch, to host visiting officers and guests, or to chair major Branch committee’s i.e.., Bar, Poppy, Finance. Be prepared, as the duties of a Vice-President are varied.   The office of Vice-President is your assurance that your Branch will have knowledgeable Presidents in the future.

There will be opportunities to attend seminars/workshops and speak to various Zone and/or District committee chairmen. Don’t forget your primary duty is to learn and exchange information. Take advantage of every opportunity to ask questions.

It is not unusual for a Vice-President, usually the 1st Vice-President to represent the President in their absence, at Zone and/or District at a Rally. In such cases you may need to prepare a Branch report to present to the Rally.

If you are unsure ask the President if one is needed, and if there is something specific, he/she would like highlighted.

Your ultimate goal, as a Branch Vice President, is to one day accept the office of Branch President.

Third Vice President – Edited

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